Make Money making Referrals with ChaChing!

Want to make some extra money?!? ChaChing is the place to do it using referrals!

Find a product or service listed on ChaChing that you think a friend, family member or associate needs. Make a referral and when they make a purchase, you get paid! Beat the recession one referral at a time! 

  • Make money using referrals connecting people you know to things they need on ChaChing!
  • Hear of somebody needing a service - search for it on ChaChing and make some money making referrals!
  • Cash for all your successful referrals made on ChaChing!


How To Use ChaChing 

  1. Find a product or service on ChaChing that would be useful to a friend
  2. Contact your friend to see if they want it
  3. Contact the company on ChaChing and tell them that your friend needs their product or service making the referral
  4. If your friend buys, then you will receive your 'Referral Fee' - a cash payout!




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